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Teddy & Lydia Lyle, Dept. Head
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The family is a vital part of Fayette Church. Family Ministries recognized today's challenges for families and seek to strengthen the family unit through support, education, healing and to become a healthy functional unit. We are dedicated to helping families through parenting classes, marriage enrichment seminars, family worships, grief support, and any other family bonding program that will amplify the power of God and His love, forgiveness and saving grace. Watch the church website and bulletin announcements for updated Family Ministries events.

April 29 - Old Time Family Worship (Friday: 7pm)

August 13 - Parenting class with Gary & Tanya James (Saturday: 6-9:30pm)

August 26-27 - Family Ministries Weekend

September 30 - Old Time Family Worship (Friday: 7:30pm)

November 18 - Old Time Family Worship (Friday: 6pm supper included)